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Curled from A facebook user Nkechi Biaze. I saw a video today, and took some screenshots because I was impressed. The video/photos attached are that of a man bathing his new born baby girl. I immediately fell in love with this man.
Ladies, this is this is the type of assurance you should ask for. A man who is capable of looking after your child when you are not there, or when you are incapable of doing that.
Dear ladies,
Stop having children with men who are not ready to be Dads by hands-on doing what responsible Dads should do.
I currently do NOT know how to bath a newborn baby. But I plan on learning before I have my first child. And my husband or the father of my child MUST be ready to go through this learning process with me, if he doesn’t already know how to do it. The child(ren) will belong to BOTH of us, not only me.
If a man changes his baby’s diapers and uses his hands or mouth to scoop the poo, if he baths the baby, feeds the baby, and minds his own baby; he is NOT HELPING his wife or mother of the baby, he is carrying out some of his responsibilities as a father. These are some of the duties that come with being a father.
A man who feels too big to change diapers, bath his own child, and mind a child should probably not get a woman pregnant. Changing diapers, bathing your child, minding your child, and cleaning up after the baby are part of the package of being a dad. If you can’t do these things, do NOT have unprotected sex.
Even Mark Zuckerberg, a young stinking rich father of two girls does some or all of these duties. He is the 5th richest man. So, tell me again, who are you to feel too big to look after your own child?
I have never thought it made sense for a man to consider these chores as helping his wife. How do you help another person take care of YOUR OWN child?
So, how does your husband/male partner assure you of his love and commitment?

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