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The Best 5 Sex Positions Everyone Should Try This Year

The Best 5 Sex Positions Everyone Will Be Trying This Year includes;

1. Backwards Cow Girl

The cowgirl sex position – when a woman, denuded and aroused at her maximum, takes all the process in her fine hands – it can’t, but turns a man on. A slender “cowgirl” is bestriding a penis of the chosen one, moving discouragingly and turning her partner on by waving her denuded breasts. In the cowgirl position, it is a woman who sets the sex rhythm and dictates her own rules, which her partner is to obeyinviolately. Such positions are in favour due to the existing possibility of a more deep entry of the penis into the vagina, providing a woman with an opportunity of a self-regulating penetration for her not to feel any discomfort. The cowgirl sex position perfectly suits for the woman-wildcat that is in a playsome humour, showing her willingness to control the partner, swelling his head and giving him an unbelievable pleasure.

2. Idyll 69 position

69 sex positions providing opportunities for mutual oral affection, blowjob and cunnilingus simultaneously, can be compared with an internal duel between a furious man and woman, where everyone does her or his best to indulge the partner with a sensorial excitement. Having sex using 69 sex position, which provides an opportunity to make an exchange of oral affections, the partners are discovering each other in a more profound way; they turn out to be more touchy-feely by moving all the barriers aside. Such positions will be suitable for those uninhibited lovers, who are able to relax, taking into account the most important thing – the desire to try something new in sex. As the 69 position can have many variants, enjoyable and multifaceted ones, the partners are provided with an opportunity to huddle each other’s genitals up, blessing him or her in all possible ways. Mutual orgasm is consideredas an extremelyartfulskill of such positions. Do not stay still!

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3. Rose

Here is a comfortable and practical position, your man undoubtedly will like it, experiment with pleasure. The woman controls the whole process. The male partner should just lie on his back, open his legs to the side, slightly lift the knees and close the feet forming a “petal”. The woman sits on the penis with her back to the male partner, as if she sits on a chair with hands bearing against her male partner’s hips, and he helps her, holding his mistress under the breast, who he can easily feel or just watch the body of his desirable woman twist over him.

4. Bud

Between two experienced partners who take care of each other’s feelings there just can not be losers, they are definitely in a profitable position. The woman lies down on her back, bends her legs and presses her knees tight to her breast. The man sits down behind the woman and places her left footstep on his left shoulder making a support, and the right leg is put freely on his shoulder. Hands of the female partner are on his thighs, he exercises movements on swinging. They set an eye contact as eyes of the partners are directed on each other.

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5. Basset Hound

From the first touch to the last push your body must burn with desire, this position is only a path to pleasure, and how much delightful your sex will be, it depends on your attitude. The woman stands on all fours, feet together, hands are at shoulder length, support on the palms, the back is slightly arched, the head is thrown back. The man stands on his knees behind his female partner in such a manner, that his legs are between her feet, one hand he puts on her waist, with the other one he takes his darling’s bud and pushes her to the beat of his movements.

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