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The Man That Cured Coronavirus With Traditional Method

The Man That Cured Coronavirus With Traditional Method

The Man That Cured Coronavirus With Traditional Method

As the world scrambles to find an effective vaccine to cure the coronavirus, a video has gone viral claiming to have a fullproof method for people to effectively safeguard themselves against contracting COVID-19 it in the first place.

People have been forced to abruptly react to the public health pandemic that has claimed more than 90,000 lives worldwide.

But the key to staving off the respiratory illness lies in being proactive, according to the video touting an “African method” of self-treatment.

The video, which appears to have been posted to social media this past weekend and is entitled, “Use African Method,” begins in a family’s home kitchen and shows a man lifting a mound of heavy blankets off of his apparent son, releasing plumes of steam from underneath.

When the young man got up from the stool he was sitting on, he was dripping with perspiration as the camera also revealed a large cooking pot from which the steam was rising.

“This is African style,” the older man’s voice can be heard saying before he prompts the younger man to explain what’s happening.

We have come across a  video on social media where a man who claims to have used African methods to cure his sin of Coronavirus explains how he did it.

According to the man, he made a mixture of some herbal drugs in a bucket and made his son cover himself with a heavy blanket to allow the heat to enter the boy.

“It is time to explore the role of alternative medicine and traditional remedies in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Some traditional medicines are known to boost the immune system and can help both in the prevention of people succumbing to the disease and also play a role a palliative function in the management of persons suffering from COVID-19,” – he said.

He then allowed his son to use the steam therapy method to feel the heat in his body

His son, while explaining how he feels after sweating from the steam therapy, said he feels stronger.

According to him, the COVID-19 made him weak but after days of using the traditional method to kill the virus in his system, he is now strong and healthy.

Could this be real? Only our health workers can explain this to us…

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